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World Cup : Who will make it to the Quarter Finals ??

The World Cup so far has lived up to its expectations of being the premier cricket tournament across the globe with lots of twists and turns, upsets galore, innumerable mind-numbing moments and at times, high quality cricket. Group B has seen a cyclic chain forming with almost everyone beating everyone; India, Bangladesh, England, South Africa … Continue reading

Will India win the World Cup ??

So the quadrennial event is finally upon us. An event which ICC itself has touted as “The Cup that matters”. This year, the event holds more importance than ever because the response to the event will virtually seal the fate of the ODI format, a format which has lost favour amongst the followers after the … Continue reading

IPL 4: Meet the teams [Part–1]

I was in Pondicherry when all the “auction” panned out. In fact I had totally forgotten that there was an IPL auction going on, but thanks to Twitter and in no small terms to @cric_buzz , @rameshsrivats , my iPhone 4 and Airtel EDGE [outstanding connectivity    I must say] that I kept getting constant stream … Continue reading

IPL 3: Who all can still Qualify..

Updates: Based on today’s matches, the Semi-finals have almost been decided. Slight amount of drama still remains in the draw, but that should be over and done with once tomorrow’s matches pan out. The points table at the moment looks like this: Tomorrow’s matches: CSK vs KXIP DD vs DC So unlike last time, there … Continue reading

IPL 3: Impressions so far..

It is that time of the year, when no big-banner Bollywood movie releases and Ekta Kapoor does not come out with a sensational and tear-wrenching soap(which after my mother finishes watching, blames me for being a bad son in real life, as if I was the very son in the tv serial who threw the … Continue reading

Sachin: The making of 200..

An ordinary day, in fact a very ordinary start to the day, as I woke up late(yet again 😀 ) and in turn reached office late. Office was usual; Some people were playing Farmville, with one eye firmly entrenched on the surroundings, scouting to see if anybody was looking towards their desktop screens, QA and … Continue reading

Why India can stay No.1 !!

Well..Well..Well.. So finally India have become no.1 in Test cricket rankings.. Test Cricket, the mother of all game forms in cricket. Sachin Tendulkar poignantly put the importance of this achievement in his own dignified manner by saying that he had waited for this moment for a long time. Perhaps 20 years is a long time. … Continue reading

Did India Deserve it ??

Well, after an insipid performance like this, tongues will definitely be set wagging and you will surely have esteemed experts like Chetan Chauhan, Ajay Jadeja and with due respect, Mohinder Amarnath rip the Indian cricket team to shreds. Yes, we have lost the series with Australia taking an unassailable lead at 4-2 with only one … Continue reading

Is One-day cricket dying a slow death ?

Champions Trophy starts on 22nd September, which is less than 2 days away. A tournament which sees the coming together of the top 8 cricketing nations, the hype and buzz surrounding an event of such enormity has been surprisingly lull and moribund. And with players of almost all cricketing nations complaining of too much cricket … Continue reading