Posted in May 2009

Can the Champions Defend their crown..

Now that the euphoria of Deccan Chargers’ IPL win has died down, this is just about the right time to introspect on India’s chances in the upcoming Twenty-20 World Cup, the one crown which changed India’s cricket landscape for ever. The expectations surrounding India’s chances this year couldn’t have been more contrasting. While last year, … Continue reading

Deccan Chargers pulverize Delhi Daredevils..

Well pulverise is an understatement, perhaps shock and awe are more appropriate. A team that was awarded the wooden spoon last season for finishing at the bottom of the table, came up with a performance, that would have the stupid commentators on Set Max screaming with delight(calling it a Citi moment of success and what … Continue reading

The Choke Syndrome..

Its now been 3 matches on the trot where we have seen teams self-destruct. They are getting  affected by what I would like to call as the Choke Syndrome.  With the advent of Swine Flu, the IPL community decided to give birth to a malaise of their own and it is rapidly spreading from one … Continue reading

Welcome Back Bangalore Royal Challengers..!!

For someone who had admired Kumble putting in his efforts ball after ball, Dravid dripping in sweat due to his fierce concentration and Kallis scoring tons of runs with that poker-face expression, it was pretty depressing to see Bangalore lose the way they did in IPL 1 and the 4 out of 5 matches in … Continue reading

The Woes of Mr.Jennings..

Bangalore Royal Challengers (BRC) present a classic case of haphazard planning and absolute loss of logic. The loyal supporters of Bangalore might castigate me for the calumny that I have bestowed on the team, but their performance in the ongoing IPL 2 is my biggest alibi. Here are a few points that I would like … Continue reading

Hello world!

A sports lover, love almost all the sports that I have come across except for Gilli-Danda and a few other ethnic sports that I learnt on the way 🙂 Am perpetually glued to cricinfo and bbc football while in office. Football is my favorite and am a loyal Man Utd fan(what a cliche isn’t it..) … Continue reading